Scientific Articles

Scientific Articles

Electrical Stimulation to Conductive Scaffold Promotes Axonal Regeneration and Remyelination in a Rat Model of Large Nerve Defect – Click Here

How Electrical Stimulation Helps Spinal Cord Injury Recovery – Click Here

A secondary analysis of testosterone and electrically evoked resistance training versus testosterone only (TEREX-SCI) on untrained muscles after spinal cord injury: a pilot randomized clinical trial – Click Here

Electrical stimulation and testosterone enhance recovery from recurrent laryngeal nerve crush – Click Here

Transcutaneous spinal cord stimulation selectivity and optimization for hand restoration in tetraplegia – Click Here

Spinal Cord Regeneration – Click Here

Stem Cell Treatments for Spinal Cord Injury at ANOVA Institute for Regenerative Medicine – Offenbach, Germany
BMC, Secretome/Exosomes, PRP – Click Here

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